errett b schneider

Errett Schneider founded e|b schneider in 2003 as a studio specializing in single-family residential projects and custom designed, handcrafted furniture.  A native to Washington State, he received a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Washington in 1997 and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington in 2001.  Errett worked at Charles Anderson Architects for seven years, prior to founding e|b schneider.  Errett is a registered architect in Washington State.


Errett believes each project has a unique set of distinguishing characteristics set forth by the client and the specific site.  The success of a project depends upon the efficient and responsible melding of these characteristics.

-Client:  Errett provides a high level of commitment and personal attention to each project and client from conception to completion.  This focused attention creates a design consistency throughout the project and reinforces the influence of the client and their individual needs.

-Site:  The projects Errett creates are rooted to their distinctive site.  Each site has its own qualities related to the topography, climate and ecology.  Knowing, understanding and respecting these qualities will create projects that are responsive to the surrounding environment as well as uniquely specific to the site.

-Collaboration:  Errett fosters a meaningful personal partnership with the client, consultants and contractor. Partnering augments an open line of communication and simplifies the leveraging of knowledge and skills of everyone involved with the project.  This collaboration will nurture a successful project.

-Design:  Errett has a direct approach to design which is inspired by a simple and clear expression of construction itself.  Errett’s roots in residential construction helped establish an early understanding of the building process grounding his designs and instilling an appreciation for the craft of building.

-Furniture:  Often, the beauty of an object begins on paper and then manifests itself through construction.  Errett believes furniture making follows this principle and combines two essential concepts related to architecture, the art of the idea and the making of art.  Errett designs and handcrafts each individual piece of furniture allowing the details to develop and refine throughout the process of creation resulting in a high quality, well-crafted piece of furniture.

In order to maintain a high level of commitment and compose thoughtfully designed and well-crafted projects, Errett limits the number and type of projects accepted.  Please contact him if you would like to discuss collaborating on your project.